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MCI FIRA BARCELONA Presentation at Fira Barcelona 2017
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MCIA3DM MAGAZINE Les projets européens en fabrication additive
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MCIFIRA BARCELONA Agenda of Fira Barcelona 2018
3D-NT3D-NT4D HYBRID – Novel ALL-IN-ONE machines, robots and systems for affordable, worldwide and lifetime Distributed 3D hybrid manufacturing and repair operations
POLITOIstituto Nazionale di Fisica NucleareOverview vision del Politecnico di Torino per le attività di additive manufacturing del prossimo futuro
MCIEFFRA European Projects
MCIAM PLATFORM AM Platform –  European Projects on AM
COMAUCOMAU4D-HYBRID Project Session in Castres Plant
MCIWohlers ReportWohlers Report 2019 published in March 2019: “Government-sponsored R&D in Europe
MCI CENTRUM DRUKU 3D 4DHybrid – hybrydowy robot autonomiczny wyznaczający nowe granice wytwarzania przyrostowego
MCI3dprintingindustry (and 20 related retweets)
MCI3D Printing Certifications €9.4M 4DHybrid task to bring hybrid additive producing to MRO
MCISVMAKERS€9.4M 4DHybrid project to bring hybrid additive manufacturing to MRO
MCI3dprintingtodayThe new 4d hybrid autonomous robot can perform additive MRO operations on offshore platforms
SUPSICorriere del TicinoAnna Valente insignita del premio “Innovation Radar Prize 2019”
MCI3dprint.com4DHybrid Project: Modern AM to Support the Maintenance Repair Operations Value Chain
SUPSI TIOPremiata la Professoressa Anna Valente
La Professoressa SUPSI ha ottenuto il premio “Innovation Radar Prize 2019”
MCIA3DM MAGAZINE4D Hybrid Autonome, le robot démonstrateur du projet 4DHybrid
MCIPaint Square Robot Tackles Additive Work for Projects
MCI3DPRINTER UA 4DHybrid – гибридный автономный робот
MCIEWFLASIMM’s Open Day has happened today!
MCIMADE IN EUROPE4D Hybrid: AM-modules voor reparatie grote componenten
MCI南京神舟航天智能科技有限公司 4DHybrid项目:支持维护维修运营价值链的现代化增材制造
MCISTAMPARE IN 3D4DHybrid Il nuovo robot autonomo per operazioni MRO addizionali su piattaforme offshore
MCI3DPRINTING MEDIA NETWORKNew 4D Hybrid Autonomous Robot can perform additive MRO operations on offshore platforms
SUPSIRSI -RadiotelevisionesvizzeraRadar Prize alla SUPSI
MCI3DADEPTMEDIAThe 4D Hybrid project and SUPSI received prestigious awards – place hybrid AM at the heart of their innovation
MCI3DADEPTMEDIALe projet 4D Hybrid et SUPSI reçoivent 2 prix prestigieux – placent la FA hybride au cœur de leur innovation
MCI3D Imperial4DHybrid项目:支持维护维修运营价值链的现代化增材制造 -2019-09-25来源:中国3D打印网
MCIA3DM MAGAZINE Prima Additive présente son nouveau centre et ses imprimantes 3D (et 4Dhybrid European Innovation Prize); also on twitter
MCI3DPRINTING MEDIA NETWORK SUPSI and 4D Hybrid win the EU Innovation Radar Grand Prix
MCI A3DM MAGAZINE Le projet européen 4D Hybrid récompensé du Prix Radar de l’Innovation 2019
MCIA3DM MAGAZINE L’Europe en agitatrice
SUPSI/MCIEuronews Innovation Radar Prize 2019 – 4D Hybrid Project
SUPSI/MCI Euronews YouTube in English Innovation Radar Prize 2019 – 4D Hybrid Project
MCILOGOS PAThe 4D Hybrid project received the Innovation Radar Prize 2019 from the European Commission

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