Globotics Industries

Globotics Industries SA is a Swiss company based in Bellinzona, that operates both in the Oil&Gas  and Industrial Automation sectors.

Activities in Switzerland are focused on engineering services for Oil & Gas activities and especially on automation activities in robotics field.

In robotics Globotics operates both as a system integrator for development of turnkey automated solutions and as concept robot designer and manufacturer for special projects and R&D activities.

Globotics Industries SA controls two companies, Globotics Inc in Canada and Globotics Ltd in UK.

Globotics Inc of Canada is focused on manufacturing activities for upstream and downstream installations and petrochemical plants, while Globotics Ltd in UK is specialized in design, manufacturing and commissioning of downstream turnkey system for optimization of oil extraction.

In Oil&Gas filed Globotics Industries provides both engineering services on EPC basis and manufacturing activities in support to O&G General Contractor companies.

Globotics Industries offers effective solutions to any type of project, from the design of a new facility to enhancing current plants, through to revamps and upgrades.

Manufacturing activities are oriented to upstream and downstream installations, offshore installations and platforms, petrochemical and chemical plants, storage tanks, pipeline manufacturing and installing, materials and welding operations.

Technical services are focused on Feed and Detail engineering, procurement support, inspection and expediting activities, installations commissioning and hand over operations in full support and close cooperation with general contractor management.

Globotics Industries comprehensive Industrial Engineering programs meet and exceed all local, national, and international requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified company, and with current registration in 79 countries, Globotics Industries has the required expertise, resources, experience, and history to guarantee increased efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, and increased success with every project completed.