The continuing increase in mechatronic system complexity, along with demands for reliability and outstanding performance as well as reduced production costs and product size, require a particularly rigorous integration of electronic units, software and mechanics.

KOORD Sàrl designs systems wherein electronics, software and mechanics are perfectly integrated to achieve uncompromising performance. KOORD Sàrl provides both complete solutions and punctual interventions, performing studies and/or producing mechatronic units for integration into your processes, machines and products.

KOORD Sàrl is a company active in the following fields:

  • Conception and custom-design of motors, electronic circuits and mechanisms
  • Simulation and modelling of complete processes
  • Regulation software development, specific to your application
  • Prototype construction (electronic cards, mechanisms, etc.)
  • Implementation of small-scale production, and establishing scale-up for industrialisation
  • Customer service, including after-sales support and project monitoring

KOORD Sàrl provides new, innovative solutions permitting optimisation of your system to cover all your needs. KOORD Sàrl is the ideal choice for designers and developers of products requiring optimal performance.

KOORD Sàrl is your ideal partner for product development in numerous industrial sectors, including the automotive and transport industries, equipment for the chemical, biological, medical, security or defence sectors, test and control equipment, and many other areas.