Prima Electro

Prima Electro is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company based in Italy that industrializes product ideas offering a turnkey service solution for a broad range of applications. Prima Electro is a full-service technology company and a leading player in the embedded product market, with a strong know-how in industrial, transports & energy markets. DOTS (Dedicated-Off-The-Shelf) is the business model that designs the electronics, mechanics and software of a product, translating clients’ ideas into specifications and supporting them during all the stages of the project. Prima Electro aims to offer dedicated power and control electronic solutions with the same industrialization level as any industrial commercial product, fast time-to-market, specialized engineering design, professional manufacturing capabilities and after sale services.

Prima Electro is committed to sell, develop, manufacture, test and deliver electronic systems solutions to leading industrial companies. Proven experience, advance research and cross-fertilization of ideas from different fields, are key to make Prima Electro one of the main players in the embedded electronics market.

A history dating as far back as 1957, expanding from metal processing within “Officine Meccaniche Olivetti” to a variety of diversified market segments where OSAI has become a key player for applications requiring dedicated CNC solutions with special functions. In wood, glass, stone and special metalworking applications, OSAI is at the forefront of the most significant motion control evolution in terms of technology, performance, cost optimization and customization. With its range of products, OSAI provides solutions and services for all areas within metalworking manufacturing: high speed machining manufacturing, transfer machines, water jet machines, cutting processes using Laser and Plasma technologies.

CONVERGENT PHOTONICS has been manufacturing high power lasers since 1961. With over 6000 laser sources installed worldwide, CONVERGENT PHOTONICS has recently expanded its laser offering to all customers in the metalworking and fabrication industry. The newly revamped CO2 laser product line includes low-cost CX series lasers and highly efficient CM series lasers, with output power ranges from 2500W to 6000W, featuring rugged solid-state power supply and lowest gas consumption. The industry proven pulsed Nd:YAG lasers offer the highest peak power for aerospace drilling applications, with up to 50kW peak power and 300~500 average power. In 2015, CONVERGENT PHOTONICS is proud to introduce the newest addition to the industrial laser product family: the highly efficient and compact CF series fiber lasers with output power up to 3kW and Beam-Profile-Product (BPP) of less than 3.5.