University of Birmingham

Authors: Abdullah Alhuzaim, Luke Carter, R. Mark Ward, Moataz Attallah

Abstract Title: Microstructural and Mechanical Properties Control using Direct Laser Deposition in IN718 Ni-superalloy

Abstract on 4Dhybrid related super alloys to Materials Science and Technology 2018, Columbus, Ohio USA.

Abstract: Investigations were performed for IN718 Ni-superalloy built using DLD to assess the role of DLD parameters on controlling the microstructural development, notably the grain size/morphology, precipitates types/distribution, and texture. To achieve this, thin walled structures were built by varying DLD process parameters; laser power, powder feed rate, scanning speed, and laser mode (continuous versus pulsed), and characterised to rationalise the influence of DLD parameters, also employing statistical design of experiments to assess the sensitivity of the parameters. A heat flow model was used to elucidate the microstructural and hardness development. The results showed a significant potential for microstructural control via DLD, while generating builds with porosity <0.01%.

The laser power and mode can be used to control the degree of mechanical and microstructural anisotropy in the builds, as well as the amount of micro-segregation and Nb-rich intermetallics, due to the variation in the heat distribution within the meltpool.

Politecnico di Torino


Authors: Gabriele Piscopo, Alessandro Salmi, Eleonora Atzeni, Luca Iuliano, Mattia Busatto, Simona Tusacciu, Manuel Lai, Sara Biamino, Mostafa Toushekhah, Abdollah Saboori,  Paolo Fino

On the effect of deposition patterns on the residual stress, roughness and microstructure of AISI 316L samples produced by Directed Energy Deposition (

Presented by Eng. Gabriele Piscopo of the Interdepartmental Centre of Integrated Additive Manufacturing – [email protected] ( on @4dhybrid on October 2nd,2019 at the 1st International Conference on Progress in Digital and Physical Manufacturing – ProDPM’19 ( )


Abstract: Despite the extensive capabilities of Laser-Powder Directed Energy Deposition (LP-DED), compared to other metal additive manufacturing processes, the use of LP-DED in industry is still limited as a result of the limited knowledge on the relationships between the process parameters and mechanical behaviour. In this work, the quality of AISI 316L samples, produced by means of LP-DED and evaluated in terms of surface roughness, residual stresses and microstructure, is linked to the scanning strategy. The outcomes confirm that the deposition strategy plays a key role in the definition of the final properties of specimens.

ProDPM19_#19_Piscopo_manuscript_primapagina .pdf



Politecnico di Torino


Authors: Mostafa Toushekhah, Abdollah Saboori, Mattia Busatto, Simona Tusacciu, Manuel Lai, Mariangela Lombardi, Paolo Fino, Sara Biamino,

Correlation between the laser focus and regularity of deposition in DED of AISI 316L, Junior

EuroMat 2018, 8-12 July, Budapest (Hungary).

Politecnico di Torino


Authors: Abdollah Saboori, Sara Biamino, Anna Valente, Diego Gitardi, Gloria Basile,Mariangela Lombardi, Paolo Fino,

The Capacity of Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Technology for Metallic Part Repairing

EuroPM2018, 14-18 October, Bilbao (Spain).


Politecnico di Torino

Authors: Ambra Vandone, Stefano Baraldo, Demetris Anastassiou, Andrea Marchetti, Anna Valente

3D vision system integration on Additive Manufacturing machine for in-line
part inspection.

Conference:ISEM 2020 – 20th CIRP CONFERENCE ON ELECTRO PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL MACHINING 8th – 11th June 2020, Zurich, Switzerland



Publication of a scientific report focused on the continuous characterization of mechatronic systems


Authors: Thanassis Souflas, Harry Bikas, Panagiotis Stavropoulos, “Experimental investigation of milling metal AM components”, 17th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations (submitted for publication)



Scientific papers towards the end of the project regarding on-camera-FPGA-processing.



Authors: Mazzucato, F., Anversa, A., Valente, A., Lombardi

“Direct Energy Deposition of 316L Stainless Steel: effect of the scanning strategy on the shape and microstructure”,  2018